Directed / Produced
A selection of videos directed and produced by Devin Clark.
How to Cure Bad Breath ("How To" video) - Lifehacker
An humorous instructional video on all the ways to help get rid of bad breath.
Written, directed, and produced by Devin Clark.
Rik-E & The Bubz (Network IDs) - Network A
Four network IDs starring two cartoon cats with terrible ideas.
Designed, written, directed, produced and edited by Devin Clark
Tip Testers (Video Series) - Lifehacker
A humorous life-hack testing show hosted by Andy Orin and Madeleine Davies.
Produced and edited by Devin Clark
Quick Hacks (Video Series) - Lifehacker
A series of how-to videos on everything from cleaning you kitchen to packing for a long trip.
Written, produced, and edited by Devin Clark.
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